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    Changing Requirements for Gear


    My idea is to disable S9 and S10 gear for PvP. S11 could be for free and S12 for honor and arena points (similar to how getting wotlk season 7 is like). I leave S13 requirements out of my suggestion be because it is already being discussed.


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    Agree with this idea.

    The Server currently struggles A LOT with gaining new players. At least in PvP. I don't play PvE.
    PvP is not interesting for new players because you start with a Season gear which is completely irrelevant.

    With making S11 free, S12 honor and S13 the way the discussion will lead it to the server might again attract new players to start playing here.

    PvP is part-wise at least about grinding gear. But it's not about grinding through 4 seasons to be Best in Slot equipped.

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    Our team is already discussing this.

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