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    Question about voting

    Good morning,
    i wanted to ask how many sites exist for voting,because i see 8 of them and each time i vote i get 8 points.Assuming someone is voting 3 times in 36 hours he should get 24 voting ponts.But today i just noticed that there are 3 people that have 28/27/25 voting points respectively,within 36 hours ,which does not make any sense,unless there are more than 8 voting sites and i cannot see them or they somehow manage to double vote on some sites.Either way seems unfair for rest of us in both cases.
    Thank you in advance for any answer or information you might have for me.

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    The amount of sites you see on the vote page is what the total is, so its 8 sites. That being said if you vote normally you have nothing to worry about, as votes are checked at the end of each month and cheaters are punished and those who actually voted correctly that are found to be at the top will be rewarded.
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