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    Quote Originally Posted by lordvolom1 View Post
    **You also need to update "Grawl Spinerippers" quests since they give s11/s12 tokens for arena wins and for bg tokens which now serve no purpose**

    Could we do an exchange for the s11/s12 tokens people were saving up but are now useless?


    Honor for s11 tokens (Since honor buys s11 now)
    Arena points for s12 tokens

    And maybe increase the expertise on all pvp legs by x10, as currently most pvp legs give up to like 800 expertise, while pve legs give up to 11k lol
    +1 this should been made from the start when it got changed

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    Yes, please add a way to make battleground tokens usefull for season3/4 gear.

    Also, please increase the itemlvl to 255. Most enchants dont work anymore.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Hi, 3 more suggestions:
    1 )Season 3 is "only" the second highest pvp gear, yet it still takes several months of daily cta / bg quests to aqquire. Make it cost less arenapoints and more honor. I can understand that the highest pvp gear should take a bit to get, however you need season3 to be viable against old players (the majority of ppl who play pvp are old players who alrdy have s3/s4) and compete.

    2) Sell arenapoints for battlegroundtokens - right now battlegroundtokens are useless, if you allow for example to trade in 150bg tokens (which are 10 wins) for lets say 100 arenapoints people would have a reason to q bgs and also get the important gear a big faster.

    3) The rating requirement for s4 isnt a good solution because the only way to get it is through soloq (because there are no 2s games, im sure your logs will prove that) - and making soloq only possible to get with soloq is a bad idea since soloq is rng, it shouldnt depend on your randomly chosen teammates whether or not youre able to aqquire season4 gear.The ratingrequirement is a good idea for 2s ONCE pvp has a higher population.
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