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    Exclamation Unlimited - Killstreaks, Announces and PvP Daily Quests

    We have added a few new systems and updates, which are:

    Killstreaks - When a player gets 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 or 100 kills in Battlegrounds without dying, their achievement is announced to all the players.

    World Boss Announces - The players will be announced when a World Boss is attacked, near death or dead.

    Battleground Announcer - The players will be announced when a Battleground has ended and what faction won it.

    Enable/Disable Custom Announces - The players will be able to enable and disable the custom announces from the Heroes Orb. The Heroes Orb will be purchased from the Gearmaster Feno <Starting Gear>.

    Daily PvP Quests Update - We have updated the More Blood Must be Shed quest to have to kill 200 players of any class.
    - The quests will be auto rewarded when the objectives are complete, removing the need of going to the quest giver, and causing it to bug out.

    Old PvP Tokens Exchange
    - The players will be able to exchange their old Season 2 (Old Season 12) and Season 3 (Old Season 13) PvP Tokens into half of their original cost.

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    Nice update, can't wait to see the new pvp set fixes aswell with the stats etc
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