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    ok. I would like to tell u a story.
    today i was in WB raid and some Qlimax guys (Qardariel and Notfruity) were ninja pulling boss and dirsurb 25 ppl in raid to play.. I made a ticket and GM read it and didnt ansver me anything ) So 25 ppl have payed u so much money for having a good play on this server and u cant even answer smth?Really ?? If u need i can post creenshots

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    Did they pull the boss just as you were about to, like right when you started running towards the boss ? If not, I wouldn't really call that ninja pulling on a world boss. If they did, did you provide ample evidence like a video or at least photos ?

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    If you want to report any player you should use "Report a Player" forum section.
    If you want to report any staff member you should use "Report a Gm/Dev" forum section.
    Furthermore this is free server, you don't pay for anything. Your donation is used to keep server up.

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