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Thread: new to server

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    new to server

    Hello all im introducing myself, and also have a question My name is Beki my characters names on live were Alexsmomma Harah Alexsmommy Benene or Ubiene i played live since vanilla wow beta. Ive played druid, mage( my favorite class) shadow priest (second favorite) and dabbled with pally and rogue and shaman. my question is i can get the game to run but when i log in its saying that the server has been restarted to log back in in 30 seconds. am i missing something or is the server currently down. im looking forward to playing on a fun server and making new friends.

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    That usually happens if you're using your email to try log in that you'll get that message. You have to use a username. You can also have a look at the frequently asked questions thread to rule out any other mistakes which can be found here

    You can also have a look at the How to Connect guide found here to make sure you've done everything correctly as it shows there.
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