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    didn't get my Gold Coins.

    Hi, just created an Paladin yesterday and bought 230Gold Coins for 150euros to buy some goodies for him, yet Gold coins haven't showed up on website neither ingame, yes i've refreshed the page many times, and money was taken from my bank account, please could anyone take a look at it, would be really appreaciated. Thanks. posted here, because i couldn't find whereelse to write a post.

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    We didn’t receive your donation. Please talk to Paymentwall to check what happend.

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    Moved the thread to the right section.

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    I donated today 2 times 25€ and didnt get any goldcoins. first time i used giropay at 10am and second time i used Klarna and i didnt get anything :/
    what should i do now? thanks for ur help and sry for my bad english ^^

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