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Thread: Pvp, hello?

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    Pvp, hello?

    I'm totally new and i just wanted to share the reason why did i instantly leave the server, maybe it'll help you improve.

    This was, by far, the worst pvp experience i ever had. I watched 5+ people chase a bad mage around the battleground for almost 10 minutes and ultimately failing to kill him. The PvP pace is absurd, there is NO possible reason it should be that slow. Healers are absurdly stupid. I've played 3 battlegrounds total and the highest kill count wasn't above 10 kills on neither of them.

    Usually, i wouldn't bother to post something like this but i look forward coming back to this server, since it's literally the only 255 funserver out there at the moment.

    (don't hit me with the "you had no gear" because i said i was watching people PvP, not PvP-ing myself)

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    Sadly your post will probably be closed due to being wrong format for the suggestions forum, but yes I agree the pace of pvp currently is not in a healthy state.

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    If you want to make a suggestion please follow the format:
    If you want just to make a statement please post it in a different section:

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