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    Add different Way of Getting Shield Stacks

    Topic Title: PvE

    Suggestion: Change way of getting shield stacks on the PvE Shield. (Tier and Donor.)

    Reasoning why it should be added / changed: Well 90% of the bosses in all the raids actually just do not proc the "Auto Attack" for you to gain stacks. I feel the tank should be able to get shield stacks to 10 on every boss fight or the whole passive is actually completely useless. We could change this to every 5 seconds in combat get 1 stack (max 10..) or just every possible way of taking damage allows you to gain 1 stack. This would help tanks immensely in boss fights that deal magic damage (for warrior mainly since they're very weak in terms of taking magic damage..)

    *and off-hand
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    Per second makes sense, I notice tanks very rarely get their shield stacks off. I think 1 stack for every 6 seconds of being in combat would be a nice way to do it, so after 1 minute you're at max.

    I think if it was from any source damage people would be at 10 instantly.

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