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    Accidentally bought wrong donatoin item!

    So, I messed up. On my warlock, I was intending to buy Trinity I and Dhozmaur I (got tian's grip, so was going to dual wield), but I must have accidentally bought Nanzud I instead of the Dhozmaur. Now this is quite literally useless for me this item, and I just wish to return it so I can buy the correct item.

    As you can see in the screenshot here, I have Trinity I equipped and a Nanzud I in my inventory. Any way it could be taken away from my inventory and the GC recharged to my account (alternatively changed into the Dhozmaur I and give the 10 GC inbetween to my account).
    Thank you for providing a fun experience on the server, and I hope you will be able to assist me in my mess.

    EDIT: for reference, this post was made within 5 minutes of this happening
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    We are unable to offer you any exchange/refund/transfer of the item due to our strict server policies on the matter. You have a window of 30 minutes to refund an item after it has been bought but if you use the item in any way like equipping it, the timer goes away as it has been used. The weapon is however account bound so you are able to send it over between your characters on your account.
    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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