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Thread: BWL Hunter dps

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    BWL Hunter dps

    Hey, I am not much into pve but i do join some raids from time to time to get better gear for my pvp set.
    But I cant join a BWL raid on my hunter, everyone is saying hunter is useless, doing crap dps there they dont need the crossbow buff and shit so i cant raid because my class is useless. I have full ulduar/donor gear on it and still a priest with same gear is doing 3x my dmg.
    I don't have any suggestion i just wanna ask u to make hunter useful, maybe buff hunters dmg in bwl.

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    All melee are broken in there. I have a post in the dungeon and raids sections about lowing the bosses defenses if you want to check it out

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    Man you weren't useless, just the comp itself you were on was useless. Hunter is not terrible in BWL with certain comps. Just since most comps recently are primarily Caster Comp, you're not able to give much support due to it unless enhancement shaman is in the group. If you're on a primarily melee heavy / physical heavy comp, you'll be fine.

    As for your dps, it was ok though.

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    U are dowing the wrong rotaition as i have seen i will test my hunter in there when i get the time

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