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    Can i downgrade?

    Hi everyone. The thing is that i was playing on a legion server for a while but i get tired of it and i want to come back to wotlk... but currently i have wow 7.3.5 and i want to know if i have to download the client again (3.3.5) or i can downgrade my current one.

    Thanks for your help.
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    You'll have to download the client if you wish to play as we have our own custom patches which enable you to see a lot of the content etc. To avoid hassles, best would be to get the WoW client with the 2.0 patch already installed found here: then once you've got that, the other must have patch is the Item Enchant Patch 2.6 on that same section. Once downloaded, extract it and place it in your WoW data folder (the 2.6 patch that is), you can then double check the How to connect guide to make sure you've done everything correctly.

    Your other option can be download the WoW client with the 2.0 patch installed, then download and run our Launcher which makes getting the patches you need a lot easier which can be found here
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