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    Arena farm rewarded?

    Hello there my fellow ancient creatures. Today ima ask the GM's Not the dev's not their thing to do, Ima ask questions, Will you gm's finaly bann arena farmers or no? Bcuz never happens, Still see so many ppl arena farm
    Will you guys allow them to get the 300gc reward for top teams? Probaly since its heroes-wow
    Top 5 Teams Currently arena farmed,
    Every1 from pvp side know Top 5 team arena farmed with "80 or 30 games in 1 day" when it was acutaly like 25min,Impossible btw
    People Rarely que 2's, 3's Solo Q happens rarely aswell but way more often then 2's,

    Thats wut i got for today THANK UUUUUUUUUUU

    GM's ONLY. Dont let Devs Do your work Like always
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