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    Cannot Get My Character To Load

    I am stuck

    I was teleporting into the solo dungeon, and crashed. I was going to use the teleporter on the websit, but I cannot. It will not let you select any person that is below the 3rd in the dropdown. I do not want to delete my 3 lvl 80s I have worked hard on. Any help please how can I teleport if I cannot select my person in the list of people to choose from. I am FelishaRenae.

    This application has encountered a critical error:

    ERROR #134 (0x85100086) Fatal Condition
    Program: D:\Heroes WoW Client with Patch 2.0\HW.exe

    CMap::LoadWdt() failed World\Maps\SkywallDungeon\SkywallDungeon.wdt

    Press OK to terminate the application.

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    Please stick to 1 thread. Closing this 1 as you've been instructed on what to do in that thread.
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