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    Please Help Me :(

    I just turned lvl 80 and i have found a new map in the teleport npc and then the game Crashed giving me this error

    CMap::LoadWdt() failed World\Maps\LostIsles\LostIsles.wdt

    Help Me and the second thing when i go the the website to teleport my self it doesn't do anything and same crash happens + i have 4 characters in the game the lowest lvl in them is 71 in the website says that i have only 1 char and lvl 1 .

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    and the website shop is not working there is nothing to buy

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    If you're talking about the level 80 realm, you've posted on the level 255 section. That being said, if you play on the Fallen level 80 realm, you need to read this topic

    Regarding the website shop or when using the unstuck feature, make sure it shows "Fallen Heroes" across from Account panel and then click on weapons and hit search for items to show up. This is for the level 80 realm.
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