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    Suggestion - Have shinies drop from all instances t2 +

    Reason- Kinda sucks that instances on the higher scale don't drop shiny considering content is harder and longer? Gearing your character to 10.5 and having to farm t2-t6 doesn't feel right
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    Totally agree.

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    I agree a currency overhaul would be good. An idea could be a new version of shinies which drop from t9 +.

    Shiny drop rates in lower tiers could then be improved so that people are able to apply gems to the gear items you actually obtain shinies in.
    A higher value gem set could be added for the new currency which would encourage farming of the tiers as no one will have endless stockpiles of them and it will bring more life to the econemy of the server.

    I understand that there are donor gems but I have seen very few players utilize this and i suspect that a buff to them to be better than the new currency gems wouldn't be looked down upon by many as they are seen so rarely.

    This would both eliminate the 'need' to farm lower tier raids for shinies on your main if you are in need of the BiS gems and would encourage more players to spend their old currency more freely.

    I'm interested in people opinions on this, good/negative,


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