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    The melee and hunter trinkets' procs and healer's trinket HOT have been changed, the first message in this thread has the updated values.
    I have also checked the reports about some not proccing in different situations, in BT everything was proccing as intended (except priests, they still receive less procs, but not 0 at all).

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    Quote Originally Posted by SNIKKAS1 View Post
    @Przedszkolak Open your eyes, it is.

    I think the caster trinket need further adjustments, maybe just put the internal cd on 15 sec. or even lower, because atm it isn't really wrth it for endgame casters.
    As You see Sir, I'm not blind man, by DP. I have been write. Regards etc.

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    Love the fact that you've made people farm for days in the Easter to get Core of the Wind, just to make it useless few months later. Great job!

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    For heavens sake I just did another test on my priest for 280 seconds the same time as my above test and the trinket only procced once.

    This HAS to be fixed.

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