Hi, I'm new and I'm currently downloading Heroes WoW Client through the torrent listed on the How to Connect Page.
It is clearly stated on number 2 (HeroesWoW with 3.0 Patch Torrent), yet when I'm torrenting the file, it says Heroes WoW Client with Patch 2.0

I only found out that the torrent is different from the Download page when I'm 30% through the torrent from the How to Connect Page.
I'm only at 2MB/s connection, so downloading another 7gigs patch will be a pain in the ass, let alone re-downloading 25gigs Patch from the download page.

Can anyone confirm that I'm downloading the one with Patch 3.0 in it? Cause if it's not, then I suppose I have to download the patch 3.0?

Also, what else do I need to download to enjoy Heroes WoW with its' full features? (I saw a lot of patch on the Download page, like HD Models, Patch 9.0)