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    Low population - unable to gear up and get into a guild

    Hi Dear Players.

    I'm not new on this server. I use to play at Fallen Heroes, about 3y ago or more. I'm reactivated my account, and after playing around 1 month, I have a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT! The max number of players around, per day, don't surpass more than 10, and many of then ary new to the game. I'm Playing WOW, in many private servers around the World, since 2004. It's nearly impossible to do a RAID, or gain new gear, just to mention.
    Also, it's very dificult to rise Professions. I have to create more characters to just have 3 professions. For an example, Enchant. To be a enchanter, you have to develop 4 professions: Blacksmith, Mining, Alchemy and Enchanter. I have issues to create new Runed Iron Fel Rod or Adamantite Rod, to rise up my enchant, actually is 340 lvl. Just because, I just remember, the components, but one, particularly, is only maded by alchemy, and it's a pain in the ass to got into that level to just do a single PRIMAL MIGHT. The absence of NPC's to give Arcanite Bars (another craft from BS - Alchemy), makes ENCHANT, the profession looks like the Himalaya to climb up. So, another fact is the total absence of EVENTS created by GM's. Not even a single one! There's no GM's in this realm. None to help, none to give information, to assist me and others.
    The lack of players, is really sad, because around 3y ago, there's more than 50 per day, and it's easy to making ICC, MOLTEN CORE, and Kill the Hard Boss that give us those Heroism and Valiant Emblems, to rise up our gear at PVE MALL.
    So, listen to my PLEA! You have to do something to improve and promote more players into this realm! It's a nice one to play, but also, you have to change those gears LVL 5 TO 9 to be set FREE! Otherwise, we are looking to a decayed and near extinction REALM. I hope I'm mistaken. But signs lurking around, everyday are proof that I'm right.
    I hope this message get into the developers and master programmers, to make the necessary changes to improve our daily playing and fun. God Bless.
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