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    The arena spectate NPC is gone, why?

    Hello my dear friends, hello honored staffmembers of HEROES WOW,
    I was just minding my own business on this great server, but suddenly i realized that the NPC which allowed you to spectate arena matches is gone.
    This surprised me, because heroes wow has a "small" problem with people wintrading in arena, and the spectate NPC was one of the only ways to convict those wintraders.
    So may I ask why you chose to remove the NPC?
    hwows biggest fan
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    im wondering the same thing. i asked staff in worldchat 3 times, but no response.

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    It's my fault. I deleted it a while ago to check something and forgot to add it back. I added it back to the mall where it was and Gurubashi. Sorry about that.

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