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Thread: Donation prices

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawjiki View Post
    Donation prices will not likely ever change. You speak as if you have to donate for it in one go. When you donate you receive coins. These coins STAY on your account unless YOU spend them on something. So you do not have to donate for anything in one swoop. The more you play, the more chances of you earning a GC for playing as well. Donations are and always will be optional. If you haven't noticed already we've began to retweak our server content so that it's not designed with donor stats in mind, currently we've reached t7 and will be starting on t8 and beyond next month along with class and gear balancing.
    I speak of instant gratification, and I might be putting myself in hot water here when I say this but. Let's remember this is a private server, purchasing virtual items. Again, not bashing on any donor your contribution is much appreciated as it contributes to the content for everyone. But, when I make payments on something I plan to have a use for it in everyday life. Example being, I make payments on my truck. I literally don't have another option as I need it to get to work everyday to pay for bills I have every month.

    As for donation items obviously they're not detrimental to everyday life, but they can still be enjoyed. My point is, not everyone has the money to pay for current prices, for some people that price means giving up something else they need or want, and it's not so much about contribution at that point. The idea I'm trying to sell is, if prices were lowered, more people could donate and enjoy the donation content. As a result of more people donating you get more donations and more money towards the server. Yes we could theoretically make payments on items. But what's the fun in that? Who wants to donate let's say $25 a week and say "oh boy in 3 weeks I get frostmourne can't wait!". Whereas if it was $25 people would be more eager to purchase it. But not go overboard, like "man I'd love to have frostmourne. It's only $25 but I'm not gonna buy it for 3 characters, that'd be insane. Examples again, that's the point in trying to make. Donation should be an accessable option to everyone, not just those with extra money falling out of their pockets.

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    Not sure why you choose to ignore Mat's statement. Guess it's because he isn't part of the staff.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mat0017 View Post
    You cannot make donor items cheap, otherwise everyone will be a donor, which defeats the purpose of being donor in the first place. Donation prices are fine, the issue is currently that non donors aren't viable in t7+. It's likely being worked on though by Hwow staff, it's just a very busy period for them at the moment due to Christmas. Once Christmas is finished, I am sure you'll stat to see more fine tuning of the higher tier raids to allow for more non donor viability.

    Long story short, lowering donation prices wouldn't fix the issues of non donors not being viable, it would in fact, make it worse.
    Everything he stated is true. Donor items are the BiS items you can get once upgraded. No way we'll lower the price to make them more affordable for you to buy in one setting. You do realize what donation means right? You're aren't donating for the weapon, you're donating to support the server and as a thank you we provide you with Gold Coins and a wide range of items you can't buy with it. Lowering the price would entice everyone whose donated to think they're entitled to a refund when the price is lowered which then would waste more time of the staff going through logs and checking to see if the person's claim is correct. It's simple, you can donate whenever you can over how long you want to and save up for a weapon or whatever you wanted. It is the way this server is, like it or not. Donor items will always be pricey and always be BiS. Doesn't mean content will always be centered around donation items.

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