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Thread: Hi everyone!

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    Hi everyone!

    Hello! I'm 30 from North Africa. I was wondering if we can make a character lvl1 in this world? I'm just starting to play wow legion (I played wotlk, cata for many yeras) and I believe that the best way for me to learn how to play with the new characters in legion is thourgh starting from the beginninh aka lvl 1 and doing quests and donjons to lvl up (more fun in my opinion).

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    Welcome, Michaeldean! Always good to see a fresh face!
    If it's leveling you wish to do along with questing and dungeons, I'm afraid you won't be able to do that here as our server is instant level 255. We're also a funserver with high stats and so we do not focus on blizzlike content. We do however have a ton of custom content and our own custom instances for you to enjoy!

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