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Thread: July Lottery

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    July Lottery

    We will be hosting a July Lottery.

    Everyone who enters will have a fair chance at winning the lot.

    He will be located in the mall if you wish to enter.
    We will be drawing winners August 1st 2020.

    Donor Lottery Only

    The Gold Coins

    Full Character Tier 10.5

    Voter Lottery Only

    The Silver Coins
    Full Character Tier 9.5

    *Full Character means you will receive:

    Main Set: Helm, Shoulders, Chest, Hands, Legs
    Off Set: Wrist, Waist, Feet
    Accessories: Neck, Back and 2 Rings
    Weapons: Main-hand, Off-hand, and Ranged
    2 Trinkets

    Best of Luck!
    May the odds be forever in your favor.
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