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    new content : NPC Lottery Gold Coins & Silver Coins

    Suggestion : 1 Aug 2020 for next lottery is too long. for the pople who maxed gear, has nothing to do until overhaul project is done.
    The lottery is the new fun things for us, also for me.

    reason why it should be changed :

    waiting until next month is too far.
    everyday people online and afking at mall with nothing to do.

    if you can do the lottery weekly or once every two weeks, it will be more fun for people to come and online. and really playing this server. not just afking at mall, doing nothing.. maybe like other day, betting on shiny is fun too.
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    How exactly is a lottery "fun content" ?

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    The lottery is a event. Not something you see often. It last that long so everyone has a fair chance to enter as not everyone can log in the mall sitting doing nothing when they could be doing a great many of things. It isn't content. It's an EVENT. Do not confuse the two. Declined.

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    so hard to persuade people to queue battleground / pvp.

    can you please tell me what many great things should i do?
    should i help others to gearing up everyday and all day long?

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    If you want someone to tell you how you should play your character then ask someone else. It's your character, you choose to play it how you see fit. If you choose to waste your time sitting afk in the mall waiting for others to start something then that is on you.

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