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Thread: Potions Buffed

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    Potions Buffed

    I would like to see potions have a bigger impact on DPS. In a 2 minute fight where you're able to use a pre-pot and regular pot, I feel like DPS should have a 10% DPS difference. Timing your potion with adds, or any burn phase to get additional damage vs others allows for a bit of a bigger skill gap, which in my opinion, can be a good thing. As it stands now, potions, which are only worth 2 gems.. have extremely little impact. Perhaps scale bosses up a bit assuming maybe 50% of the raid is potting or something, as I understand with the implementation of these custom gems, enchants, elixers, potions.. its hard to balance around having vs not having it. Perhaps taking this into account and giving a flat 5% health buff across the board to make up for it. I'm really not advocating for a small buff to potions, it would be such a small impact probably not worth it, but potions should be buffed to like 7-10x there current form. Timing potions is one of the most crucial things in terms of damage and I would love that to stay true in Heroes-WoW.

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    Apologies for the late reply! The main problem with the profession recipes added this phase is that everything was scaled without taking these bonuses into account. If we were to increase the benefits from the consumables currently then we'd have to spend considerable time scaling up the current bosses, which at the moment unfortunately we do not have time for, because our focus is on getting T7 and other projects ready.
    Players are already blasting through the current content with ease, so buffing professions at this stage is not ideal. That being said, for the upcoming content, we can now take into account the bonuses provided by the new professions and scale around it, allowing us to make the next profession update more desirable.

    So overall, no plans to boost current professions(sorry :[) - but next phase of professions should be sexier to players.

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