Status Update

From the Devs

Now that the launch has began to settle down our devs have began to focus on other projects. These projects are as followed.


Currently working on Starter questing zone(Coming in a few days!). Will work on more solo content, World Bosses, and events.

Currently working on Custom Professions. Will be assisting with future events and doing Phase 2 of custom professions(Around T8 release).

Currently working on Discord Bot, Exploits(Abusable Features), Personal Loot System, and assisting other devs with core changes.

Currently working on Tier 7 raid. 3 out of 5 bosses are scripted(not balanced) already. I'm also casually working on updating some older content(Mog dung, world bosses, old/Unused projects) for Unlimited. Assisting and working on solo and events with Pilgrim for the near future.

Short post but we felt like we should inform everyone what we're working on currently. More updates on these projects as we make progress on them. Little preview of the latest boss from Tier 7!