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    Personal Buff Durations and Suggestions

    Personal Buffs Explanation and Argument

    Rogues. Warlocks. Shamans.
    These classes should have longer durations on their various personal weapon buffs (Imbues, Spell-stones, Poisons)
    Sure one hour isn't too bad but the amount of times I've seen people not have them on just because they've fallen off and they've forgotten is ridiculous. I've also fallen victim to this many times and forgotten to re-do poisons causing inconvenience to not only me but the group I'm in as they have to wait for me to poison up mid boss. Especially for newer players this can be a huge problem.
    I see no downside to making these personal buffs upwards of 2 hours duration. Ideally I was thinking 4-8. There's no downside to it, just a minor quality of life improvement. Changing these personal temporary enchants isn't a difficult task and removing them is also quite simple so in my eyes there's no reason to not have longer durations.

    Additionally to this argument I'd like to put forward the suggestion that MANY people have requested in-game.
    A Discord suggestion channel.
    Shocking I know... But all one would have to do is create a #suggestions channel. Have a bot to auto add a "Yes" or "No" emote to whatever someone posted and have a 12hour slow mode on it to prevent spam.
    Having this channel would streamline the process for the staff to obtain information on how the player-base is feeling without having to check the forums. It would also make it much easier for players to express their opinions in a constructive manner that's arguably much simpler than the forums.

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    We've tried the weapon buff durations in the past and discovered it would require some extra work to do, which at the time we weren't willing to do. So that might change in the future? Honestly this is like not bleep on our radar as it such minor inconveince.

    The reason we require players to make suggestions on the forums is because we're multiple people from multiple time zones. When a player makes a suggestion to a staff they're making it to that single staff member, which has to post this suggestion to others and wait on their feedback. It waste our time when the players themselves can spend 2 min to create a post for us to view at our leisure and discuss. The forums allow us the freedom to view suggestions without searching through flooded channels or chat logs. It's there, always waiting for our reply. It also allows us as the staff to personally reply to players after giving their idea our full attention. This is why we do not support suggestions anywhere else.

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    Suggestion: suggestion channel has been accepted and will be implemented soon.

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