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    Astarothian reporting in!

    I warmly welcome,
    many brothers and sisters gathered here.
    Let me tell you a few short words about myself.
    I am an experienced sailor by passion. I have been sailing on sailing boats since I was 8 years old. Due to my passion for the sea, I also have a passion for literature, both for scientific and fictional literature. (read between the lines * I have a lot of free time *). As for the adventure with wow, I'm just starting it, also I hope that you will help a little old man in need. 1976 year of birth.
    Regards and see in the game.

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    Greetings Astarothian!
    Can't say I have any experience sailing on any boats, but hey, whatever floats your boat! We've got a discord with a very helpful and active community that you can join and ask for any directions or help should you need it. Discord link:
    Hope to see you in-game and hope you enjoy your stay here. Welcome.

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