Status Update

Halloween Event
Halloween will soon be apon us! With this event we'll be introducing our new Event currency. This currency will be earned by doing all types of events. Seasonal Events, Regular Events, and even Staff hosted events. You can use this event currency in a vendor that will always be spawned. We'll periodically release new event items with each seasonal event that you can buy and upgrade over time. Event items will be between tier and donor in stats, on par with Voter. Halloween will add a new trinket that will receive new ranks every new seasonal event. So it will always be your BIS 2nd trinket once fully upgraded. Other things you can look forward to with this event are new mounts, pets, auras, morphs and Halloween themed items.

We're pushing the Halloween Project very hard right now. All other projects are put on hold until Halloween event is finished. Projects such as Solo Zones and Tier 7. Both of which will immediately be resumed once the event is done. No eta on the release date but it's look pretty good. We might actually be able to release it before the 31 and have it run through it! The event will last 3 weeks. Hype Hype Hype

Tier 7
Most of Tier 7 is done. Once we add the finishing touches to each boss's script and then do one or two instance test runs to be sure everything is functioning properly we'll then add loot tables and be finished with it. So you can expect the release to be sometime during the Halloween Event or directly afterwards, we're unsure which one we will go with at this time but will keep you guys informed once we know for sure.